i just really want a norwegian forest cat

i mean

so majestic

so nature

they look pretty much ready to put on stereotypical viking helmets and conquer/terrorize all of europe and beyond

while still looking really adorable

As the owner of a Norwegian Forest Cat, I can tell you that whilst adorable and charismatic, they are also needy little shits who leave their long fucking fluffy hair on everything they touch, and bring in shit from outside caught in their fur like leaves, twigs and moss - not cool.

Last night I had a REALLY weird dream, it went like this: I didn’t know this at first but Laura Prepon and Martin Freeman were friends with my parents and they both turned up at my house for a dinner party, and I was all like “OMFG WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE, also this is a really random combination of people” then they both sat down and I just watched them chat to my parents in stunned silence. It was really cool but after like half an hour, my parents (really bizarrely as I’m eighteen) were like “okay you have to go to bed now it’s past your bedtime” which made me really upset, but then Laura took me to one side and was like “hey what’s wrong?” And I said “I’m just really upset that you’ve only been here like half an hour and I have to go to bed already, you’re one of my favourite actresses and there’s so much I want to ask you” and then she just went “I know” and pulled me into a really long hug which made me feel a bit better. Then her and Martin both said night to me and said it was nice to see me, I then walked out of the room, still bummed that my parents were making me go to bed, and just as I closed the door to the kitchen/dining room, I woke up, and actually said out loud “what the actual fuck?” I then spent all of today thinking about the dream and being really confused lol